Black Tea for Health Benefits

It is said that coffee is harmful to health, such as tea. However, on the other hand, two types of drinks that are also beneficial to health. Likewise with black tea, which has many health benefits.

Black tea (such as green tea) plucked from a plant called camellia sinensis. Black tea leaves soaked in a way that gives a dark color when used as a beverage. Also, the dried leaves were overcooked and processed in such a way causes the color to be darker.
Black Tea

Ingredients and benefits in black tea

Black tea has a lower caffeine content than other varieties. This is what makes it so good in the process of blood circulation.

Fluoride is another content of black tea that give benefits to oral health and bone.

Black tea also contains flavonoids as also found in apples. Unlike green tea, black tea, after eliminating all processed antioxidants present in it.

Black tea not only helps to fight bacteria, but also strengthens the immune system. This is why, a cup of black tea can help hydrate the skin. Black tea also balance hormone levels that can fend off stress.

Black tea has anti-inflammatory qualities that help a good digestive tract function properly. This can help reduce the risk of stroke balancing cholesterol levels as well.

If you experience swelling in the eye, you can reduce the swelling by storing black tea bags in the fridge and apply it to the eye area is closed.
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