Mistakes in The Morning that Make Body Fat So Easy

Body Fat - Easy not a person to become obese is influenced by many factors . Some of them are associated with the habit in the morning which seems trivial but it can slow down the rate of metabolism .

Some people stay slim despite eating a lot , while some others are obese despite so easy to restrict food intake . The difference is the rate of metabolism is often referred to as the Basal Metabolic Rate ( BMR ) .

Mistakes in The Morning that Make Body Fat So Easy
The higher the BMR , the sooner the foods are metabolized in the body so it does not accumulate as fat . So even when not being physically active , a high BMR makes the body metabolism running so excess calories .

Some habits in the morning that could affect the BMR is as follows as quoted from Fitsugar , Thursday ( 09/12/2013 ) .

1 . Delayed meals

No breakfast is one of the worst habits that can slow the rate of metabolism , and ultimately make the body more calories piling up . When no breakfast , the brain signals the body to slow down so the body's BMR has energy reserves until noon .

In contrast , the breakfast was done within 1 hour after waking up would trigger a metabolic process called thermogenesis , which convert food into energy . Ensure that adequate breakfast blood sugar stable because if the drop , the body will burn muscle to generate power .

2 . Do not exercise

Research shows that the body burns calories for 24 hours after exercise . Research also shows that exercise in the morning burns more calories than at any other time throughout the day . Maximize your calorie burn with high intensity interval cardio training .

3 . Do not build muscle

Although it is recommended that cardio exercise can make the body burn calories throughout the day , muscle building exercises are also important as the morning routine . According to the study , burning calories throughout the day would be higher if a greater muscle mass .
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