Stop! Don't Rush Use Drugs to Appear Make Mr. P Bigger

Many men who feel ' manly ' if it has a long genitals and large . No wonder many are then busy searching for herbs or medicine to make his penis bigger. In fact, no need to rush doing that step .

Sexologist Dr Andrew Wanananda , MS mention the most important of the penis is not the size but loud and tense at the time of erection . So if the penis is not abnormal , you should not have to feel inferior to its size . The study, published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine in 2013 calling of the study on 1,661 men , penis size when erect is different . Men in the study who had no erect penis length 4 cm to 26 cm , but the average length of 14 cm .

Stop! Don't Rush Use Drugs to Appear Make Mr. P Bigger

But if you still feel more confident in front of the couple with a larger penis size , some natural ways this can be done , as quoted from Live Strong , Thursday ( 12/12/2013 ) :


Exercise on a regular basis so that the muscles of your body well formed . If the body shape better , it will boost your confidence . If a man is confident in himself, he also will generally confident in his ability in bed . Moreover, regular exercise will make blood flow more smoothly in the body , so that he will have no trouble when erect .

Hmm , which one do you choose a large penis but not hard enough erection or 'free size ' but quite eras when erect ? Provided that there are no diseases and disorders , do not need too worry about the size of Mr. P.

Reduce Weight

CHUBBY belly bulge certainly made ​​it difficult to look directly onto his penis . Increased abdominal fat makes flab hanging over the pelvic region . Accumulate fat in the thighs as well as if the ' shrink ' genitals .

Obese men seem to have a smaller penis due to extra fat around their genitals . To that end , eliminating the weight will help to make the penis look bigger . It may also well be the penis look longer because fat around the base of the penis had disappeared .

Shave Pubic Hair Removal

Restless because the penis look small ? Perhaps the reason is because pubic hair covered so dense as a jungle . Pubic hair is too dense it could be a culprit causing the penis look shorter . So now you try to take a razor specifically for the area ' under ' . Once trimmed , the penis look longer instead ? Tips to shave the pubic hair so that the penis look longer recommended by the Mayo Clinic .
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