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Just for the sake look younger , many people are willing to do a variety of ways ranging from surgery , botox injections to avoid certain foods that is claimed to accelerate aging . Yet according to a new study , healthy living is enough .

According to researchers , fit or fitter thanks to regular exercise , eating foods plant -based or vegetarian style diet and practicing stress relief techniques such as yoga can extend the life span of the cells in the body , which in turn makes a person a long life . As reported by the Daily Mail , Wednesday ( 09/18/2013 ) .

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For this study researchers studied the effects of healthy living on one's long strands of DNA or commonly known as telomeres . This kind of telomeres ' cap ' which is located behind the small chromosomes and serve to protect the DNA of the aging process . In other words telomeres keep chromosomes remain stable and prevents deterioration of chromosomes when cells divide .

Often called a ' clock chromosomes ' telomeres undergo shortening every time people grow older . This process is closely related to the risk of premature death and a number of health problems such as heart disease , dementia , diabetes and cancer , as well as someone with a high susceptibility to infection .

To that end , many researchers believe that telomere shortening process is also associated with a reduction in the human life span .

In order to prove the influence of a healthy lifestyle to the short length of human life , the researchers also compared the two groups of men who were diagnosed with non - aggressive prostate cancer early , have not undergone surgery or radiotherapy but a routine check - up .

25 men of whom did not make any changes . But the other 10 men undergoing radical lifestyle changes that directly supervised by a team of doctors , nutritionists and psychologists .

All 10 participants not only changed his diet to a high protein vegetable , fruit laden , vegetables and whole grains , low-fat addition to the menu and refined carbohydrates . They also taught stress relief techniques including yoga and meditation , including counseling given . The participants also underwent moderate -intensity exercise such as walking for 30 minutes , six days a week .

Five years later , a blood test of the entire group of participants showed telomeres healthy lifestyle participants proved to elongate an average of 10 percent . It is also proved that a healthy lifestyle can reverse the natural aging process .

In contrast , telomeres in the group of participants who did not change his lifestyle shortened by an average of three percent . But the researchers found no difference in progression of prostate cancer in both groups .

" The implications of this relatively small study could be larger . If you have been validated by a large-scale experiment , these lifestyle changes can reduce the risk of many diseases and premature death . Moreover, genes and telomeres we may show certain trends , but the fate of us who know , "concluded lead researcher , Professor Dean Ornish of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute , University of California , San Francisco .
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