Benefits of Bananas for Our Health

Benefits of Bananas - Bananas are one of the popular fruits that are often found in rural and urban areas. Bananas are rich in fiber and contain three natural sugars glucose, sucrose, and fructose, which makes banana has a variety of benefits.
Benefits of Bananas

What are the health benefits of bananas for? Here's his review:

1. As a Source of Power

The content of sugar in bananas can easily be digested and converted into energy source, so it is great for relieving fatigue.

2. Gastrointestinal health.

Owned banana fiber can help regulate the digestive system of the body as well as maintaining regular bowel movements regular. Content of pectin in bananas can prevent constipation. Based on the results of the study, eating bananas regularly can help reduce the risk of gastric cancer.

3. Circulatory launched.

Potassium content and potassium serves to help the body's circulation, so that the circulation of oxygen to the brain to be smooth. Potassium also be able to help the heart beat regularly, reduce the risk of stroke and blood pressure that regulate normal.

4. Improve Brain Health.

You do this by eating bananas three times a day as a dessert, to improve perception and concentration.

5. Lowering Blood Pressure.

The next benefit is bananas counteract high blood pressure. Potassium levels are quite high from bananas can help prevent high blood pressure and stroke. That is the reason why doctors often advise patients with high blood pressure (hypertension) to eat more bananas.

6. Energy Enhancer.

When we would eat bananas full faster, it is because bananas rich in healthy carbohydrates. This is the carbohydrate that can add energy to our bodies.

7. Maintain Eye Health.

By eating at least three bananas a day can reduce the risk of impairments due to old age or commonly called macular degeneration.

8. Lose Weight.

Eating a diet of bananas and 4 4 cup non-fat milk or milk can with every day at least 3 days a week, will help you lose weight. Only 1250 calories and the menu is fit and healthy enough.

That all benefits of bananas for health, that maybe some people do not realize it.

If you are classified as a fruit like this one, do not bother how the way they are presented. Because, delicious bananas for consumption in any form. May be useful.
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