Hugh Jackman: Wolverine is no role for forever

For years, Hollywood is in the superhero fever and comic adaptations such as Superman , Iron Man and The Avengers have regularly ring the box office. Even the films of X-Men are, especially thanks to Wolverine actor Hugh Jackman (44), has become a fixture in the battle for the superhero throne since 2000. Yet the star of the film, which is currently for X-Men: Days of Future Past is facing the camera and the second spin-off Wolverine: Way of the Warrior end of July comes to the movies, can not believe how long has he been to see in that role.

"I am shocked that I for the seventh time do, " he confessed to the magazine SFX in the interview. On demand if it would bother him because when another actor would replace him in the role, he therefore replied realistic: "Listen, has Roger Moore (85) and Sean Connery (82) is disturbed by the fact that someone else James Bond plays? I doubt it.

The only important thing was for him to identify himself when the time has come for him to go as Wolverine retire. "All one can hope for as an actor is that you decide to go before it is gone. " But given the enormous popularity, which is Hugh Jackman's role may enjoy Parade in the cinema and the fans alike, this decision should hopefully be some years away
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