Emma Stone: Beautiful skin with baking soda

Actress Emma Stone (24) confident again with their natural beauty. Mostly she wears discreet make-up and thus exposing her flawless skin in the scene. With its elegant pallor and her porcelain complexion that enchants Spiderman actress probably not only their treasure Andrew Garfield (29).

Again and again, Emma asked about her beauty secret and has now revealed a simple trick to get them clean and their skin smooth. And this is the 24-year-old not to expensive toiletries and luxury scrubs, as the magazine Elle has betrayed. dear The actress takes a cheap home remedy. "If I want to exfoliate my skin, I rub it simple with a little baking soda," explained Emma Stone . makes the acidity of the skin is countered and it is enriched with oxygen. And this tip seems to work really, because Emma suffered earlier even under very severe acne and blemishes, not the least of which can be seen today.

Even without makeup no redness or pimples are seen at the Hollywood star viz. tips and tricks for dieting has Emma Stone incidentally not in stock, as they say of themselves, to be addicted to sugar and fast food. It shows her figure and especially her beautiful skin but not at all on.
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