Wear sexy clothes, Taylor Swift escorted by bodyguards

For the fans of Taylor Swift, rarely see a completely open and sexy dress mini. He is better known as a conservative figure of an American girl in dress. For the first time, he was dressed in a mini and require escort escort when paparazzi surrounded.

Here's a photo of Taylor Swift in sexy clothes

Taylor Swift Hot Pants
Rarely wear hot pants, Taylor better known by the feminine style overalls, or denim casual style typical American. This time he looks sexy style lady Paris with bowler hat and a blue linen shirt.

Taylor Swift Bodyguards
The guards busy make room for the singer I Know You Were Trouble is running. They make sure no photographers were too close to the singer.
Taylor Swift paparazzi
The 24-year-old woman seized the attention of the paparazzi often each leaving his apartment in New York. Photos style stylish always hunted for sale to magazines and tabloid entertainment.

Taylor Swift and fan
Fearing a fan or aggressive photographer, the singer was escorted by two burly private guard. While talking on the phone, he showed off long legs move, supported by high-heeled brogues shoes.

Taylor Swift and Lena Dunham
Recently, he was reportedly involved in the filming of the TV series Girls with Lena Dunham. More and more inevitable paparazzi waiting to photograph him. What is different this time, more berbusananya style sexy hot pants and shirts with long kai Japanese teen style.
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