Will Smith is too expensive for Independence Day 2

When it became known that 2015 is actually a second part of "Independence Day" is coming into the cinemas, probably hoping many fans of the film that the tried and true stars - led by Jeff Goldblum (60) and Will Smith (44) - again from be the lot would.

During it is clear that Bill Pullman (59) again as President Thomas J Whitmore - will be on display, and it seems quite possible that - however, no longer by the time jump in the story of 20 years in office, Jeff Goldblum will have at least a brief appearance, is now clarified that Will Smith 's role as Captain Steven Hiller, by the superstar he was, 1996 will not play a second time.

The reason: The actor, currently in "After Earth" ! can be seen in the movies, is simply too expensive In addition, as explained director Roland Emmerich (57) of the NY Daily News , had its image simply become too large for the project of "Indpendence Day" Part 2 and 3 - because of of a planned sequel is now actually an alien trilogy. " Will Smith can not be there again because it is just too expensive. Moreover, he now has a great name too. That would be just too much " , as Roland Emmerich Interview .

Nevertheless, fans can look forward to a mix of old and new characters. Due to the large content Zeitsprung the story of the film will now turn to the children of the first part, above all probably Will Smith 's film-son Dylan (originally played by Ross Bagley , 24). It is also a pity that the original "Independence Day" star does not return, the second and third film will certainly nevertheless can inspire.
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