Emma Watson Not a fan of Facebook

Emma Watson (23) does not want to reveal too much of themselves and therefore waives Facebook. While other stars on the popular social network to connect directly with their fans, the big screen beauty ('The Bling Ring') prefers to keep away from it. A personal Facebook page for them would be a soul-striptease same.

In an interview with the British newspaper 'Daily Mail' Watson said: "This would be as if I would not wear clothes, as if I were stark naked While I have a professional Facebook page - but not personal.." That children already spend their time on social networking, the English actress can not approve. "I've seen three year olds with iPhones and other devices," said Watson worried. "And they constantly compare themselves with others - how many friends, clothes, and Whereabouts they share is an absolutely turned over, intense version of childhood -. Thing can not be healthy," concluded the former child star. "We document and publish every aspect of our lives. You do something, you tweet it. It's not just celebrities that have to do with this lack of anonymity and privacy. Everyone today transformed into a brand."

After her breakthrough as Hogwarts Hermione Granger sorcerer's apprentice in his early years, Watson is pleased now a versatile acting career. Nevertheless, she admitted to sometimes miss their famous role yet. "Hermione was so funny and a really original character," enthused the Briton of the Part "She was not at all aware of how precocious and opinionated they worked, although the role itself is so much more serious later." Although they would not be reduced to this role, the actress recalls always look back fondly on the time at the 'Harry Potter' set. "I miss it, to make people laugh. I miss them. Hermione took their beginnings as a rather eccentric girl and most of all I liked the moments in which she her self was not aware of. It lacked, hilarious, the perspective , "gushed Emma Watson.
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