Paris Jackson to Suicide Attempt

Paris Jackson

Paris Jackson spent monitoring after her suicide attempt 71 hours in a psychiatric hospital. Now was the daughter of Michael Jackson transferred to the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. Tragic accident: My father died in this hospital.

Paris Jackson (15) is still struggling with the aftermath of her suicide attempt and was therefore driven to the famous hospital on Sunday, as the U.S. News site "TMZ" reports. The daughter of Michael Jackson († 50) was transported by a stretcher into the UCLA Medical Center. Meanwhile caused a bodyguard that the labile Teen girl was protected from the eyes of the paparazzi. Although the bodyguard told nothing about the health of celebrity offspring, but he had a good mood. This suggests that Paris Jackson is on the mend.

Katherine Jackson (83), recently spoke to the suicide attempt of her granddaughter: "Paris is doing well you get medical help to be a sensitive 15-year-old is always hard, no matter who you are" However, it is not yet known when Paris Jackson is released from the hospital. The next step is a study on the well-being of celebrity offspring, which was officially ordered by a judge.

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