Cyndi Lauper at the Tony Awards

Cyndi Lauper

Cyndi Lauper was the big winner at the "Tony Awards" My Musical "Kinky Boots," which the singer had specially written, landed six of the coveted trophies.

Cyndi Lauper (59) was really at the Tony Awards every reason to rejoice: your self-penned musical "Kinky Boots" even admitted the price from Best Musical, as the "Focus" reports. The "Time After Time" singer had written for "Kinky Boots" both the text and the music. Although the pop icon had experience as a musical performer in the Broadway version of "The Threepenny Opera", but the multiple Grammy winner won for security or professional support: The experienced musical authors Harvey Fierstein (61) and Jerry Mitchell, both of which have emerged as a winner in the "Tony Awards," were you with advice and assistance.
Tony Awards 2013

The Cyndi Lauper's musical is about a young man who receives the shoe factory of his father's legacy. However, the company is totally run down. But rather than declare bankruptcy, the protagonist does everything it can to save the factory. To produce his idea Fetish PVC Boots finally actually makes the necessary recovery. The musical is based on a British film of the same name from 2005.

"You fly around the world for recognition - and forget that you simply have to look in his front yard," the overjoyed Cyndi Lauper remarked at the presentation of important music prize.

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