Made in New York Award for Heidi Klum: Queen of the casting shows

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New York - "Made in Bergisch Gladbach" is also used in New York to good: Heidi Klum fashion star and talent show queen , has been awarded with the "Made in New York" award. The prize is awarded annually to individuals and organizations that have made ​​outstanding contributions in the New York entertainment industry. Mayor Michael Bloomberg Klum presented the award for her show "Project Runway."
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In our latitudes Klum is known for her sometimes mechanical young model search. But in the U.S., the 40-year-old celebrated for their show "Project Runway" for years, a talent show, which attracts fashion designers. Before the eyes of the actual expert jury - Designer Michael Kors and "Elle" editor in chief Nina Garcia - to conjure up every week Couture, the young tailor. Then sieved. The winner will be a collection at the end of New York Fashion Week show.

A German touch in New York turned reality series yet: The retiring candidates are always passed by with a breathy Klum on German "Goodbye". This Klum was downright intimidated at the beginning of their time in New York the Big Apple. "I came to New York in 1994 for the first time and was afraid of this city," Klum said in a video for the awards ceremony. "I come from a small town and had never seen so many skyscrapers, people, madness and odors." Your anxiety but I quickly changed into love, Klum.
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And success: "Project Runway" is a surprise hit, millions of viewers turn to each episode. Klum, who also co-produced the show was nominated for her already moderation for the U.S. TV Emmy Award. New York has the 40-year-old but already left. She lives with her four children in California. However, the next talent show project has already Klum on the hook: She sits on the jury of "America's Got Talent".
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