Paris Jackson Prolonged Hospital Stay

The daughter of Michael Jackson († 50, 'Thriller') had on 5 June tried to take his own life with an overdose of painkillers and was therefore admitted to the psychiatric ward of the UCLA Medical Center in Los Angeles. There the teenager is still and it is said that he will then take another clinic to complete. "Paris will stay at least a week and then she goes for another treatment in another facility," revealed an insider told People magazine.

Supposedly their grandmother Katherine Jackson have (83) and her mother, Debbie Rowe (54) jointly decided on this measure. The mother of Michael Jackson is said to have told his ex-wife that Paris Jackson "dealing with wrong people" had. "It is very difficult for Mrs. Jackson," said one observer of the elderly lady who was guardian for his children after the death of her son. "She keeps saying that she has no experience of how to deal with someone in such a situation."

In the new clinic makes the girl who should have scored more times before her suicide attempt, not only therapy but is also taught. The celebrity daughter already missed a big wedding in her family: On 16 June married her cousin Taj Jackson (39) and her brothers Prince (16) and the eleven-year Blanket celebrated exuberantly with: "You had fun and danced But Katherine looked sad and thoughtful of you thinks a lot of Paris"

It will probably take a while to Paris Jackson will be able to participate in family celebrations. Celebrity daughter Paris Jackson to go for further treatment in another hospital after their hospital stay. Paris Jackson (15) is reportedly to visit another clinic after their hospital stay.
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