Kim Kardashian: The baby name is out

Kim Kardashian

Which baby name is? The question is since the birth of the young Kardashian on 15 June not only all of Hollywood. The speculation has since run at full speed. That there is no 08/15-Name is clear to everyone already.

But the name will be how unusual? Gets the girl a similarly curious name as the children of Victoria (39) and David Beckham (38), named after a city? Yeah, actually. Now it is out! As TMZ reports, is that of the small Kardashian girl name NORTHWEST!

Kanye West And Kim Kardashian

similar One has calculated with so few, but that should but then pretty much every surprise. Northwest, this name may have a deeper meaning, one wonders? What are the parents thinking? Who knows, maybe the offspring was indeed conceived in the Pacific Northwest or something else of importance happened in this sky direction.

still do not know what Kim Kardashian (32) and friend Kanye West (36 prompted), to choose this name. But hopefully we will soon find out!
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