Katy Perry puts $ 500,000 in the sand

Relics of old love relationships are often redundant, but always annoying. During Heidi Klum (40) just tried their Seal to get tattoo on forearm away, seems Katy Perry (28) as soon as possible of their former love nest with Ex Husband Russell Brand to want to separate (38).

Having the singer is now more common again with John Mayer (35) turtelt, it is of course well advised, last memories of her 14-month marriage to Russell rid of them. And because you are as fresh lovers know, nourished only by air and love and after all is vain waived Katy selling their villa times up to half a million dollars. How showbizspy.com reported to have Katy the property with the name "Park Hill" time for 6 acquired $ 5,000,000 and had it set now for only $ 6,000,000 on the property market. You need to be a mathematical genius to realize.

Katy goes with it a losing one . Either the singer not the smartest businesswoman or she wins the sale so much freedom back that it appears the lost money indifferent quite possible Katy currently only have eyes for that John has and wants to get rid of the old-time charm as soon as possible. Hopefully veiled rose-colored glasses in this case "only" their view of the finances, but not on the Womanizer - otherwise the amorous bankruptcy would probably soon follow
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