JLo Want Back on American Idol

JLo on Idol - FOX did not have to bother filling the abandoned American Idol judge Mariah Carey, Randy Jackson, and Nicki Minaj. Their long jury, Jennifer Lopez is rumored to be ready to fill one of the vacant seats. If true, this means that only a year left the selection of resistant JLo pop idol, having previously retreated busy arguing to continue a career of music.

jlo on idol

"Benny (Medina, manager JLo) JLo said it wanted to come back," a source told Hollywoodlife, Wednesday (5/6). JLo Management and FOX called middle negotiations to prepare everything so that one of the global sexiest woman can sit on the judging panel again. Including of course the value of payment is fixed at USD 12 million as a jury in season 11.

JLo desire such a blessing for FOX after American Idol ratings down dramatically on the season through the 12th. So do not hold rating freefall could even rise, growing gossip FOX targeting former American Idol contestants as a judge. Former judges like JLo is certainly still possible to fill the remaining two judges seats.

43 years of the artist's intent is returning to American Idol is not too surprising. As a mother of twins, Max and Emme, she must make a decision whether to live forever or meetap move in one city. This education involves Max and Emme. Los Angeles is a production of American Idol where eventually chosen as the second baby raising the marriage with Latin singer Marc Anthony.

Jlo When Be Judge on Idol

jlo on american idol 2011
jlo on american idol 2011

Woman of the Moment – Jennifer Lopez
With her Glistening skin, honed body, and jaw dropping out fits she busts out week after week in her new role as the eye candy on American Idol we can’t help but have a girl crush on this luscious lady.

Jennifer Lopez on American Idol
So far she seems very nice. But her looks have been great in all but one American idol show so far.

Jennifer Lopez Approched Fox to Rejoin American Idol in 2014
Rumors about Jennifer Lopez replacing Mariah Carey in the panel of American Idol Season 12 may have been dismissed. A source told Radar Online that J.Lo initiated talks and approached FOX to make a return to the show in 2014.
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