Paris Jackson - Michael Jackson's Kids Suicide

Daughter of the late Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson was rushed to the hospital for trying to commit suicide on Wednesday morning Los Angeles time. 15-year-old girl tried to end her life by cutting the veins of his right arm with a meat cleaver.

As reported by TMZ on Thursday (6/6), the events that took place around 1:30 pm, after Paris itself known specifically calling a suicide hotline.

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The ambulance then went straight to the scene in Calabass, Los Angeles. TMZ sources said, officers allegedly found a pill Motrin taken Paris before slicing arm. Also found a small note paper Paris, but have not known what was in it.

Paris reportedly began stable condition but under intensive supervision by the hospital for 72 hours. Not clear what causes such a reckless act Paris.

Twitter last post eldest daughter of "King of Pop" is actually a bit suspicious. On Tuesday night Paris wrote "I wonder why tears salty?" And a few hours before the incident in writing "all problems are now starting to move away seems they are here to stay," wrote Paris. Previously on May 19, during a video chat with a friend, Paris is Jesus called Kurt Cobain. Kurt Cobain was the lead singer of punk group "Nirvana" who committed suicide in 1994 ago.

TMZ sources in the family of the late Michael Jackson called the night before the incident had upset because Paris was not allowed to watch a concert rocker Marilyn Manson. He then ran into the room as he slammed the door. Trdengar had annoyed shouts of rooms blond girl.

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In order for Paris to make the Eagles squad, she must be 18 years old with a high school diploma. But the team's growing interest could potentially hold a spot for her until that time.

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Michael Jackson daughter Paris planning tattoo tribute to superstar father

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Michael Jackson's 14-year-old daughter continues to show off that pretty radical makeover she gave herself recently that is worlds apart from the seemingly straitlaced teenager we've come to know.

Paris Jackson spends the day with her mother, Debbie Rowe, on the occasion of the birthday of her grandmother, Katharine Jackson.
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