Justin Bieber Got 40 Million Followers on Twitter

Justin Bieber Twitter - Although exposed to a lot of controversy, it turns out Justin Bieber still has a special place in the hearts of fans. This is evident from the growing number of his follower.

Justin Bieber Twitter

As reported by Contact Music, singer song Boyfriend has even set a new record on the social networking site. He managed to be the first to have 40 million followers. Wow!

This is expressed by Justin himself via his Twitter account. He also thanked the Beliebers who is still believed him.

"# 40millionstrong," he wrote on Thursday, June 6. Shortly thereafter, he added, "# 40millionBeliebers, thank you. I love u. # Grateful (sic)."

This feat was achieved shortly after Justin Channing Tatum star expressed concern about this. He considered that the 19-year-old teenager seemed unprepared for fame at an early age.

Justin Bieber Twitter Pictures 2013

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I love pretending I write for a tabloid sometimes and editing photos to look like celebrities are being sassy at one another even though these pics were taken 6 months apart.
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