Brad Pitt and Jimmy Fallon: Over the Rooftops of New York

Brad Pitt recently revealed as a real joker: In a clip for the show of comedian Jimmy Fallon, the two jokers yodel over the rooftops of New York.

Brad Pitt (49) was on the show Jimmy Fallon (38) guest to promote his new movie "World War Z" - and the comedian wanted to do something special for the appearance of superstars Brad Pitt and Jimmy Fallon turned a skit in which the two talk over the rooftops of New York yodeling.

First, the presenter sitting at his desk and decides to go out. Then Jimmy Fallon stands alone on the roof of a skyscraper, which has to serve in the metropolis as a substitute for the mountains. The comedian takes a deep breath and begins to yodel. Jimmy Fallon turns to the side and discovered the roof on another Hollywood star Brad Pitt, who is sending his yodeling skills to the test: After a short while another voice, also yodeling sound.

The two lead now yodelling a conversation that is translated with subtitles.
The fun conversation between Brad Pitt and the comedian has recently been seen on Youtube, it is not the first video that was posted on the wets with famous stars of the comedian
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