Name Luigi and Kozel in Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 still a mystery

Malaysia Airlines flight MH370 - Name Luigi Maraldi Italian and Austrian Christian Kozel listed as a passenger on a flight on Malaysia Airlines MH370 is lost , nothing is certain in the flight . Then how can there be two names on the flight ?

In a statement quoted by Reuters on Sunday ( 03/09/2014 ) , a former member of the National Transportation Safety Board of the United States ( U.S. ) , John Gogila say , the emergence of false identities of two passengers in the aircraft must be taken seriously because of the potential existence of the alleged acts of terror .
Luigi Maraldi Italian and Austrian Christian Kozel

manifest list of passengers

" It was a big red flag , " said John .

According to him , the system of security checks before boarding the flight to be questioned . " If there is a passenger with a passport stolen , it is not clear how they can pass the security check , " he added .

Based on data from Interpol , there are more than 39 million travel documents reported lost or stolen in 166 countries . Police and immigration officers or border control officers check the validity of documents in just seconds .

Meanwhile , Italian police said Luigi Maraldi passports reported stolen on August 1, 2013 and included in the Interpol database . Luigi parents , Walter Maraldi reported that her son is now in Thailand and indeed never lost a passport two years ago .

" Luigi has assured us that he was fine , at first we did not know about the plane crash, thank god he heard about it before us , " said Walter NBCNews when contacted over telephone lines .

Meanwhile , a spokesman for the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Austria, in Vienna , say , Christian Kozel today confirmed in a safe in his home state .

" Our embassy was informed that there was an Austrian citizen in the list of Malaysia Airlines . Systems we claim that this ( Kozel Christian name ) is a passport that was stolen , " the spokesman said .

" Austrian police have found the man safe in his home . Passport was stolen two years ago when he ( Kozel ) traveling in Thailand , " the spokesman added .
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