Barca Difficult To Retain La Liga Title This Year

Valladolid - Barcelona shocking defeat at Real Valladolid's home in Jornada 27 of La Liga . Results were called to make an effort to retain the title Barca increasingly heavy , although they also will not give up so easily .

In the match at Nuevo Estadio Jose Zorrilla , Saturday ( 08/03/2014 ) night, Barca lost 0-1 despite dominating possession ESPN recorded up to 75 % -25 % and fired six shots on target , of 13 trials , which outperformed two shots on target which is released by the Valladolid players - from a total of seven experiments .
Barcelona shocking defeat Real Valladolid

" Three points hovering and the quantity remaining games getting less - this points difference could be important , " regrets Barca player Sergio Busquets at Barca 's official website .

The result left Barca board glued in the top three standings with 63 points . Top of the league for a while occupied Atletico Madrid with 64 points, while the two positions occupied by Real Madrid who also had 64 points, although the new diving 26 games . Valladolid alone for now managed to get out of the red zone thanks to the addition of three points from the victory over Barca .

" It's hard to win the league if you do not get the three points in every week , because now we not only have to think of our own results and it makes the situation more difficult , " said Dani Alves .

" We will never surrender , we will fight to the end as we did . We do not feel has been lost in the league , but this time the result is very negative . No time to constantly think about the results disappointed this time , we must continue to fight , "said Barca defender Brazilian .
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