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Sunday ( 02/16/2014 ) morning , the air was fresh and clean . Ejects morning sun shining light in the Outer Baduy village Kanekes Village , District Leuwidamar , Lebak District , Banten Province . The sound of birds and the sound of water flowing in the river coloring trip " Star News " to the Baduy .

There is a peaceful atmosphere that is felt when the stage down houses belonging to the Outer Baduy tribe that built the line of sight .


Visiting the Baduy is about 120 kilometers from Jakarta is not just a regular trip , but at the same moment to freshen up from the bustle and clutter in the capital .

In addition , visitors can also learn about local knowledge . Although customs Outer Baduy people are not as strict as in the Baduy community , the general characteristics of their life together , the peaceful coexistence in harmony with the surrounding nature .

"The people of Baduy live in simplicity , mutual support , pacifist , and anti - drug , " said Dainah ( 55 ) , the Village Head Kanekes .

Baduy tribe is one of the original Bantam . The population is about 11,000 more . Baduy location at the foot of the mountains Kendeng . If you want to go to Baduy have to walk about three to four hours .

Along the way to Baduy Dalam, beautiful scenery and beautiful can be enjoyed by visitors . Baduy territory is divided into two , namely Baduy and Outer Baduy . Baduy In a population that still maintain the strict customs . The Outer Baduy are already mingling with society.

Respect the customs

If you want to stay in the Bedouin village , the visitors in addition to preparing physically , also should respect and comply with the applicable provisions in the area of indigenous customary Baduy .

According Dainah , Baduy customary land area of ​​5,000 square meters , while the protected forest areas should they maintain an area of ​​3,000 square meters .

Any visitors who want to stay at home Bedouin citizens must abide by a number of prohibitions , including the prohibition of carrying a tape or radio , not catching or killing animals , not littering , not cut down trees , do not consume intoxicating beverages , and do not violate moral norms .

Especially for foreigners not allowed to enter the territory Baduy In that citizens always dressed in black with a white headband . Not only that , if you are in the area Baduy , visitors are prohibited from smoking , take pictures , and use soap and toothpaste .

In fact , the original Baduy tribe wherever they go may not use footwear and prohibited from using the vehicle . Wherever they must go on foot .

"If the ban is violated there is always a consequence , for example, the body feels pain . If we get sick in a long time will be asked by Puun ( customary chief ) . Now, if the pain for violating customs rules can be sanctioned until removed from Baduy Dalam, "said Aldi ( 20 ) , resident of Baduy tribe .

In the Bedouin residents living in Kampung Cibeo , Cikertawana , and Cikeusik . The only foreigners allowed to enter up to Outer Baduy territory whose citizens are always dressed in black .

Meanwhile , in Kawalu ( harvest three consecutive months in February to April ) , Baduy In is closed to all outsiders . However , visitors in Kawalu still be met with Baduy people when they get out of the village .

Severely limits indigenous Bedouin touch with the modern world , especially in electrical and electronic equipment . Because of this , the visitors who will stay have to bring a flashlight to facilitate the restroom at night .

The wind gust was felt not only from above but also from below the stage that goes from the sidelines cubicle walls made ​​of bamboo .

When it comes during the rainy season , visitors should use footwear that is suitable for use on the ground slippery and muddy . Shoes or sandals recommended mountain because the soles have been designed able to " grip " when the stand so it does not easily slip , especially on the road uphill .

Do not forget to also bring a jacket or raincoat and hood waterproof bag to protect belongings from getting wet . Anti - mosquito oil please also taken to repel insects , especially when walking in the woods or fields .

If staying in the Outer Baduy village , we can still use soap or shampoo when bathing . As in Baduy Dalam, a second object was used abstinence .

In addition , personalized medicine must be taken , especially because in no Baduy village health centers and pharmacies . Bedouins always use the leaves to treat any illnesses they suffered .
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