Mairead Kelly, After Esophageal Tumors Brain, She Select Thus Mermaid

In 2010 , Mairead Kelly ( 25 ) , was diagnosed with brain tumors , pituitary gland tumor precisely . The disease made ​​him always fatigue , hair loss , and easy bruising her body . After undergoing two operations , Kelly recovered fully . Now she chose to be a mermaid .

Yes , Kelly happy to swim with a mermaid -style dress in fairy tales . She even often asked to perform at parties and various events . Not only that , Kelly also did some cross-country trip in his capacity as' mermaid .
Mairead Kelly
Kelly actually had undergone training as an accountant for three years. But it did not make him choose a job as an accountant in a busy office . Becoming more attractive professional mermaid for Kelly .

After surgery , the actual Kelly was a fear that had lingered in the water . She believes it makes nose surgery and sinus is no longer as it used to .

" I'm not sure how it will react to the pressure under water , but it turns out I have no problem , " said Kelly , as quoted by the Daily Mail , Thursday ( 09/12/2013 ) .

Kelly was diagnosed with a rare benign tumor of the pituitary gland . This condition is known as thyrotropinoma . The disease is known he suffered in 2010 , when Kelly graduated from university .

Then she had surgery in 2011 to remove the tumor . The second operation in January should be lived moment Kelly tumor grew back . Fortunately, after the surgery , Kelly has now been restored .

" I have a lot of health problems when she was in college . I was really tired , my hair is falling out and I bruise easily , " she explained .

Swim , continued Kelly , is the only form of exercise she could do . Water sports was thought enough to help in recovery . " I feel stronger . I love swimming , " Kelly said , adding that peace and tranquility in perolehnya while in the water .

Kelly with her ​​two friends , Frankie Dubery and Demelza Hillier , formed a group called mermaid Merlesque . They practice up to 10 hours a week at a lake for swimming and singing . Their performance was really very fascinating people who watch it .

When performing , the trio dressed mermaid tail made ​​of silicon scaly cost about USD 54 million . Well in appearance , Kelly is known as a mermaid Ondine .

Do not regret having to bother to study accounting , but instead chose a career as a mermaid ? " People may think of accounting as a career that is more worth living after graduation , but I feel that my career is now very valuable , " said Kelly .

" Most people do not directly use their education in their future professional lives . But they use the skills he developed to supplement their education , " she added .
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