Kim Kardashian leaves baby alone at night

Really be sure is Kim Kardashian (32) does not appear whether it now for her little daughter Northwest would be a real super-mom or not. Only Kim refused , Nori to breastfeed. Then suddenly it was said that she could not get enough of her daughter. now is clear: the joys of motherhood correlate seemingly with the daylight.

Friend of Kim and Kanye West (36) have in fact reveal that North at night will notice not much of her mother: ! Kim ratzt all night peacefully through

"Sleep is Kim . really, really important Without eight to ten hours of sleep it is simply not clear, " said the friends against RadarOnline . "you are Nori daytime breast milk - and pumps in addition breast milk, if the baby wakes up at night. " the rest of the work take over a night nurse. "If North diapers need to be changed, fed them or otherwise needs to be taken care of, it is the employees who take care of the baby. " This is news indeed. Only the statement of the Friends of Kim's extensive beauty sleep right conciliatory: "Kim wants to be well rested so that they can be the best possible mother for Nori day."
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