Rebecca Black: The most hated YouTube singer on new paths

The poor Rebecca Black became famous as the most hated YouTube Star ,millions was her video, Black Friday clicked 'and probably negatively evaluated mainly of glee

But the unfortunate teenager refused to give up and just showed up today stamina to realize her dream to be a serious singer.
But even with the repeated follow-up singles to the phenomenon Rebacca was laughed at and massacred.
This is now single wall featuring white years ago and now Rebecca ventured to and, Stay 'on a cover of Miley Cyrus's new single, We Can not Stop by Rihanna. Along with singer-songwriter Jon D. they invited the acoustic version of the song to YouTube.

But what stands out immediately, now 16-year-old Rebecca has changed externally, wearing the hair is lighter and no longer hold the little naive teenager back then.
And it seems to have worked properly in her voice, for in, Black Friday 'from two years ago now remembers nothing more.

Perhaps this may be due to co-star Jon D., but the video has not so much as once bad reviews, Black Friday '. Going the distance cover was found even as good and some users even wrote under the video, it's as good as Miley's version, if not better. Maybe the little Rebecca is on the best way to realize their dream.
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