Bet Awards 2013 Highlight

The 'BET Awards 2013' were full of highlights - Chris Brown , Nicki Minaj, Justin Timberlake and Ciara put out great performances, which have made ​​a success of the music awards ceremony.

On 30 June, the "BET Awards 2013" were awarded - a mega event where the current crème de la crème of the music world was represented again. Chris Brown (24) proved to be the right choice for the opening of the evening. With the performance of his hit "Fine China" proved the ex Rihanna (25) again, he is a talented dancer and entertainer. The show then went into the song "They Do not Know", a tribute to the late R & B star Aaliyah († 22). The grand finale of the show by Chris Brown was the rousing duet with Nicki Minaj (30) that came with the "BET Awards 2013" stage.

The performance of Justin Timberlake (32) took the stage to rock. In his posh "Suit and Tie" presentation he paid tribute to the soul singer Charlie Wilson (60) tribute, who was honored for his life's work. Along with Pharrell Williams (40) Snoop Dogg (41) and the soul legend personally delivered the four with a mix of several songs, probably the best show of the "BET Awards 2013" from.

Ciara (27) in turn slammed the "BET Awards 2013" at viewer with her sexy body. In a bra and an open shirt, she showed her rock hard abs and sang her hit "I'm Out" and "Body Part". As moderator, made Chris Tucker (40) for some laughs and made the "BET Awards 2013" not only an evening with many musical highlights, but also with many funny moments.
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