Anne Hathaway Catwoman Picture Gallery

No doubt you've seen Anne Hathaway's acting in The Devil Wears Prada, The Princess Diaries or as 'cat' section in The Dark Knight Rises.

anne hathaway

But of the many films in which he stars, many experts assume that all the roles are played by Anne is typical roles and almost the same. To dismiss the charges, Anne increasingly explored his acting skills. One of them accepted the offer as Selina Kyle aka Catwomen in The Dark Knight Rises.

To be Catwomen is not easy for the actress who used to serve as the king's daughter Given Catwomen is a superhero figure that agile, fierce and bruiser beat your opponent.

Anne had to work hard to form his body and his ability beladirinya that could actually change from a soft princess into a deadly sexy superhero.

Anne hathaway as catwoman pictures

anne hathaway catwoman
Anne hathaway catwoman

anne hathaway catwoman sexy
Anne hathaway catwoman sexy

anne hathaway catwoman bike
Anne hathaway catwoman bike

anne hathaway catwoman motorcycle
Best of all the Batpod actually works! In these videos you can see Anne Hathaway (no wait...that's her stunt double) piloting Cat Womans silver Batpod during filming of the Dark Knight Rises.

anne hathaway catwoman poster
Anne hathaway catwoman poster

anne hathaway catwoman hot
Anne hathaway catwoman hot
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