Robert Pattinson & Kristen Stewart: Was the breakup just a fake?

Have Robert Pattinson (27) Kristen Stewart (23) but not separately? The rumor mill for the weekends both actors were frequently seen together. Furthermore, they should have even held hands. Is this really love a comeback?

Kristen and Robert Pattinson were already together last Thursday in Los Angeles' Echo Park. " Immediately a fan tweeted: "Sighting: Kristen and Robert stroll through 'Echo Park'. Somebody call an ambulance, I think I have a heart attack! "In the Twilight couple will be gone even up close.

Further told the witness: "You have held hands - Kristen wore her usual outfit and Rob was clearly visible. Through the sunglasses it looked very look as if they were together. "

Previously, the two Hollywood stars were in a Starbucks café stubbornness. Again, the two were recognized by a fan. This immediately tweeted: "Rob and Kristen have just returned from a" Starbucks "seen-employees as they headed toward Malibu."

It looks as if Kristen and Robert Pattinson have spent the whole day together. However, Robert had another appointment. He is said to have Kristen left alone briefly to give an interview to the current Dior campaign. The Twitter-descriptions fit perfectly to the official emergence of Pattinson.

Now, of course, raises the big question: Did the two not separated or is it a new approach? But why Robert Pattinson admitted a few weeks before his belongings out of the house? So far, both have not officially expressed it.
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