American Idol star Fabienne Rothe with blue eye come of it?

On Sunday posted the fourth-placed American Idol of the year 2012, Fabienne Rothe, the bad news that her left eye, the retina has detached.

That was for their numerous fans of the American Idol singer obviously very worrying because it could happen that Fabienne completely blind in the eye. How it feels, the blonde had already remember, because she looked at her left eye at the top of only a shadow.
Thankfully traded quickly enough and her mother after surgery was clear to Fabienne's Facebook page and also that Fabienne nibble again to their beloved chocolate.

Next her mother Kerstin Rothe pointed out that it is extremely important to go even at the slightest sign in ophthalmological treatment.

Opposite the station RTL, which met after the surgery with Fabienne and her mother, the 17-year-old spoke briefly about their fears and that it was no longer important to them at once. She was scared for her eyesight and can not even open her eyes.

But nice that everything went well and they certainly can soon show their gorgeous blue eyes.

The experience with Fabienne Rothe "The Super Talent" and the ninth season of "Germany seeks the superstar" could collect were definitely enjoyable. Twice she was in "The Super Talent" here at American Idol and they made it to fourth place.
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