Selena Gomez break up friendship on Instagram

Selena Gomez Instagram - Selena Gomez seemed to be upset . Since the beginning of this week he is to delete the friendship with a number of celebrities on the social networking site Instagram .

The first time the connection was disconnected by the 21 -year-old pop star is Kendall and Kylie Jenner on Monday ( 21/4 ) . This is surprising because all three recently vacationed together and attended the Coachella Music Festival in Indio , California .

Selena Gomez Instagram

Step - clicking Gomez unfollowed Jenner brothers and removing them with a series of holiday pictures that begs the question . Moments later , Gomez also clicking unfollowed ex - best friend , singer Taylor Swift .

A few hours later , the Adidas commercials also cut ties with 14 other people . Including Reese Witherspoon , Vanessa Hudgens , and Ashley Benson .

According to rumors , Gomez broke with Swift as always cautioned not to continue with the relationship on / off with Justin Bieber .

As for the Jenner sisters , because they had previously been spending time with Bieber . However , there has been no official statement from Gomez , who on his Instagram account is now not to follow anyone.

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