After Autobiography, Morissey Try Write a Novel

After successfully writing and selling ' Autobiography ' in October 2013 and , Morrisey feel confident to publish a book . Currently , Morissey claimed was writing a novel .

Chanter ' Let Me Kiss You' was indeed acknowledge that the success of the book pertemanya spur him to re- write and write . " In 2013 , I published my autobiography , ' Autubiography ' and it was far more successful than any music I've ever earlier releases . So , yes . I 'm writing a novel , " said Morissey as reported by NME , Saturday ( 4/1 / 2014 ) .

Morissey Try Write a Novel

In addition , degradation of quality as well as the sale of the music industry a major problem at this time , was the reason behind the confidence Morissey as a fiction writer .

" And indeed , the radio also will not play my songs and some other people have lost confidence in the music industry today . Major labels will only buy music that ensures they are in the first position . So , here's the passion that remains of pop and rock music . I sure enough , that people do not always watch television , " he said .

Regarding the concept of the novel itself is quite unique . British singer gave birth to nine successful albums that take away from the question-and- answer between him and his fans . This was done on the official website Morissey fan , ' True To You ' .

Curious enough to read a novel essay , given the ' Autobiography ' he wrote quite successful . Even from the book , Morissey is also listed as a donor animal rights organization , PETA to contribute USD 14500 .
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