Fernanda Lima, Beauty 'Ruler' Stage Sweepstakes World Cup 2014

Fernanda Lima suddenly popular in the whole universe . Women born June 25, 1977 it became the most warm conversation in cyberspace when he became the host of the 2014 World Cup drawing overnight .

Wearing a knee-length gold dress combined color matching stilettos , Lima is increasingly shiny while guiding the World Cup draw on Friday ( 12/06/2013 ) night . Preference is also a matching color with shoulder-length blond hair that is left to decompose .

Appearance models and Brazilian television star was immediately stunning when she went on stage . Five Daily Mail reported immediately became a trending topic on Twitter . There are 10 people per second were chirping about all the drawing takes place .

There is an account called the Five Gavin Caney as the real winner on the World Cup draw . Then Burak Serin twitter : The best part of the draw was witnessed Fernanda Lima # worldcupdraw .

fernanda lima world cup draw
Then there is also Michael Behan , who praised to the skies . " To be honest Fernanda Lima perform well when drawing tigas World Cup . Hmm why I can not remember the division of any group. "

Though the selection of five could reap the controversy . FIFA accused the Brazilian public had the whiff of racial harassment action on the selection of the presenter .

Brazilian Society of Lima and Rodrigo Hilbert was still less popular of the two artists Afro - Brazilian Lazaro Ramos and Camila Pitanga . Both were well-known as a soap opera star Lado a Lado ( Side by Side ) that are popular in Brazil.
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