Sharkini, Swimwear with Shark Bite Pattern

Sharkini - After anti-drowning swimming dress, now created a swimsuit that is not less unique. The swimming dress make anyone who wears it the center of attention.

Sharkini, Swimwear with Shark Bite Pattern

As reported by the Daily Mail website, from a distance, swimsuit model with the slim fit look 'ripped' as shark bites. However, 'tear' is actually not the bite of a shark, but a specially designed pattern of the designer.


Pieces of sharp teeth that resemble sharks teeth accidentally sewn on the edge of the fabric. To make it look real, the piece is made of white faux leather.

Swimsuit designed by Bad Aby Designs is also equipped with a linked chain straps on the shoulder. Nevertheless, swimsuit wearer's abdomen indulgence is only produced to order.

To obtain the swimsuit, the buyer must pay $ 100 and wait up to 3-4 weeks. Because manufactured to order, buyers can order a swimsuit with a different color or on the shoulder strap.
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