Adele & Lana Del Rey: you have the same tattoo

In a survey found the majority of celebrity flash reader the new tattoo of singer Adele (25) is a very good choice. Would agree probably Lana Del Rey (27), because in addition to melancholy songs she connects something quite different with the Briton : The pout of the Pops wearing the tattoo motif same at the exact same place as Adele .

Lana Del Rey and her colleague were both tattooed on the outside of her left hand the word "Paradise". Whilst the former but bears the tattoo for some time, the ornament of is Adele still quite fresh. Moreover, let Lana the word to the pessimistic expression "Trust no one" on complement the right hand outside, with Adele 's there, however, not yet been immortalized. Perhaps with her ​​would be enough space for the tattoo idea of model Cara Delevingne (20), which at this point pierce their initials made.

How Adele hopefully not handle, makes Heidi Klum (40) is still valid. For the German export hit is no longer enthusiastic about her tattoo and this can be after Love Off with Seal (50) is currently removed again .
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