Taylor Swift: Your new best friend is

Taylor Swift

Although there are from time to time people about Taylor Swift bluntly and (23) strutting about in public , actually is the country singer on the whole, but very popular. many celebrities among her friends. most significant is their long-standing friendship to Selena Gomez (20)

Now can Taylor might again add a VIP to their friends list. According Entertainmentwise.com announced Justin Timberlake (32), the musician at a gig with the words "makes a little bit noise for my girl Taylor Swift " on.

They even got nothing to do with it once, but totally freaked out with joy when they found out about it. "That's what he said? That's exciting," she is quoted as saying. Then she added jokingly: "So in principle, Justin and I best friends, right now?
taylor swift love story

 What Justin's wife, Jessica Biel (31) probably thinks about these developments? We do not believe that she has cause for jealousy, but one must not forget that Taylor has been many a man wrapped around her finger.
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