New Knight Rider movie with David Hasselhoff?

"Knight Rider - A man and his car struggling against injustice." If the end of the 80s was heard on German television this sentence, the whole family gathered in front of the TV. , the series for the ex-cop Michael Knight (played by David Hasselhoff , 60), the use of his speaking car KITT for fighting law and order, has become a cult. Now there should be a movie adaptation of the series hits, such as the Los Angeles Times reported.

According to this, the Weinstein Company, which is otherwise responsible rather for demanding entertainment secured the rights for the film. As a confidant of the project divulged, Filmmaker Brad Copeland is to look after the making of the film.

This has so far been mainly on comedy shows such as "Arrested Development," My Name is Earl involved. It could be that the new "Knight Rider" movie a comedy like "Starsky & Hutch" is. Moreover, also has David Hasselhoff already announced their intention to be part of the project.

Whether the new edition of the "Knight Rider" fans can inspire at the box office remains to be seen. Automobile movies like "The Fast and the Furious" always attract many viewers to theaters. however, previous attempts to TV classics with the movie "Knight Rider 2000" and the series "are Team Knight Rider "to newly revived failed.

Moreover, the question remains, what will be a vehicle for the new KITT and what special skills he will have.The talking car from the 80s is now of course long been obsolete. Most smartphones are even better equipped than the black Trans Am.
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