Megan Fox: Is she about to Transformers 4 like?

Megan Fox

Oh dear, what confusion and maybe hope? Because current is rumored that it actually Megan Fox (27) in the third Transformers part by Rosie Huntington-Whiteley was replaced (26) make their way back to the Transformers has found family and in the new film alongside Mark Wahlberg (42) could be there again!

The rumor started, according to reports by the American press as Paramount a photo of the just in the rotary fourth part next used Lamborghini Aventor posted on Instagram and a Megan knew Fox hashtag. Though the entry was removed soon, he found his way to Michael Bay's official forum and was commented there as follows: "There has official Instagram page of Paramount Pictures, a photo of the new Lamborghini along with the hashtag #MeganFox posted Could us. reveal something or (perhaps more likely) could an error or a plot to get more viewers have been? " Later followed this statement: "But someone gets in trouble this will be a long week.."

Whether there so accidentally really been a news was revealed that actually still should be a secret surprise? After Megan Fox and Michael Bay yes reconciled have together and to "Ninja Turtles" work, a cameo appearance of actress surely would be at least possible. Or is it only to mislead the Transformers 4 easy now to gain headlines? We'll see
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