Kim Kardashian: ignored and deceived by Kanye West

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West

Crisis pregnancy full Kim Kardashian. While television star is upset by the indifference of Kanye West, model ensures lush in Star magazine that she had an affair with the rapper. A few hours after the publication of these statements, the representative of West denied it.
"This will destroy the Kardashian family," says the Canadian Leyla Ghobadi, 24 in the journal. "It's bad, really bad.'s Just embarrassing. But if I were Kim and was about to have a baby, I'd like to know."

According to his account, the romance began in July 2012 when West saw her dancing during a concert in Atlantic City. It so happens that Kim was there too, but in the VIP area.
It tells the model that initially resisted. "I worried about was seeing Kim Kardashian. He told me that [the relationship] was advertising and it was nothing serious." The girl again met West last October and, he says, the rapper wanted to repeat the past weekend. She refused, he says, because he already knew the Kardashian pregnancy.

However, the rapper's rep was quick to deny it. "This recent attack on Kanye West and his family does not deserve any consideration" has assured Us Weekly. "It's an obvious attempt a misguided person who clearly seek publicity and another [attempted] in a series of malicious stories that rattle by credible sources."
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Whether or not some West infidelity, the fact is that even before this testimony known television star was very upset with her fiancé for another reason: the little touch that showed the rapper during the celebration of his birthday, which took place on Saturday in New York. While Kanye was enjoying and celebrating its 36 years with a major event in the Big Apple, attended by music greats such as Beyonce and Jay-Z, and even Kourtney Kardashian's older sister Kim, her partner was bored one in Los Angeles and wanted the doctor would not have forbidden to travel due to her advanced pregnancy, while waiting for the musician would devote more than a phone call while in the east coast.

"Kim is about to give birth [birth will take place next month], it feels very uncomfortable and swollen and it is at a very vulnerable emotional level . Just think Kanye, his sister and his friends had fun in New York while she suffered alone at home made ​​her blood boil. Would have liked that Kanye had been a little more considerate of her. Though understands that your partner has every right in the world to celebrate his birthday, Kim believes that at least could have called more than once to worry about their status, "he revealed to RadarOnline website a source close to the Kardashian family.

The median of the famous Kardashian sisters not understand why their upcoming husband - and their remarkable group of friends - did not try to make any effort to include his fiancee in celebration of their anniversary, a gesture that could easily be made to move the party from New York to Los Angeles, where he resides celebrity.

"Kim respects his partner the most and understands that would disconnect from everyday life overnight in New York, which is where most of their friends. But Kim also knows that Kanye might have tried to be more generous with her asking friends who will travel to Los Angeles, taking into account that she can not move to the city for doctor's orders, "said the same informant.
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