Birth of his daughter: Kanye West was totally excited

Kanye West and Kim Kardashian
Since yesterday, reality star Kim Kardashian (32) and U.S. rapper Kanye West (36) parents of a sweet daughter ! 's ever-popular with celebrities Cedars-Sinai Medical Clinic in Beverly Hills the little offspring of the two saw the light of day.

Although all five weeks early ., but mother and child, it is going splendidly Friday night will be Kim not have felt when then also went into labor, it was very quickly in the delivery room! Always at her side : her lover Kanye ! Previously it was speculated that he would ever be present at the birth, but this event, the rapper did not of course accept and skipped ado his record release party. "Kanye said 15 minutes from before to to Kim's to be side can " , a source told the People magazine.

Also was Kanye Kim have been a really big help and supported them during childbirth, as well as he could. So he had dearly for his Kim looked after and been through everything with her. "Kanye seemed very excited. It looked very much as if he was really as great support for Kim was during the birth and throughout the pain. "
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